Clinical work

There are clinics at the university where the integration of theory and practice is carried out. In A. Yassawi IKTU there are two clinics: a medical clinic for 120 beds (clinical diagnostic center) and a dental clinic, where medical students combine training with practice.

On the basis of order No. 259, the SKO Health Department of March 14, 2018, the 46th medical organization of regional and city subordination was attached to the clinical base of A. Yassawi IKTU.

         Clinical work by the staff of the department is carried out at a high professional level: the degree extent is 43%, the work experience is more than 5 years - 100%, 41.1% have the highest qualification category, the first - 26%, the second - 12%, the doctor's certificate in the specialty - 20.9% of the teaching staff

Professors and associate professors provide emergency advisory assistance at basic clinics on weekends and holidays.

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