Distance learning

A feature of modern world medical education and higher education, in general, is a decrease in the number of classroom work with students, while more time is devoted to self-study. This trend is reflected in the introduction of distance learning forms: online courses, webinars, online lectures, etc.

On the website of our university https://ayu.edu.kz/ measures for organizing the educational process are presented.

Requirements of the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 13, 2020, No. 345 (as amended by order 548 dated December 28, 2020) and January 8 No. 5. In accordance with the resolution of the Senate, changes have been made to the Academic Policy of the University. With quarantine restrictions, the educational process can be organized in the following formats:

- distance learning;

- blended learning.

BLENDED LEARNING FORMAT - full-time lectures, online, applied seminars, laboratory and practical classes with a sanitary regime and a social distance of 2 meters.

DISTANCE LEARNING FORMAT is a purposefully organized and coordinated learning process in time and space, interacting with teaching aids using information and telecommunication technologies.

     Materials: on the website https://tng2.ayu.edu.kz/ all educational, educational and methodical documents in all disciplines are registered and maintained through several systems.

Working with a distance learning system
- Uploading content to the distance learning system
- Management of training courses and educational process in the distance learning system in MOODLE (guide for teachers)
- Management of training courses and educational process in the distance learning system in MOODLE (guide for students)
- Platonus - Automated information system

Learning platforms:

The distance learning process uses:



3. ZOOM, 

4. Google,

5. Yandex,

6. mail.ru,

7. YOUTUBE and National Platforms of Open Education of Kazakhstan (mooks.kz).

8. WhatsApp

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