Fair access, participation and student success

The university's activities are built on the principles of civic responsibility and values based on the promotion of society development in the Turkic world and the Republic of Kazakhstan. In our strategic plan for 2018-2023, we have emphasized a high level of education and increased access to it as key indicators.

With campuses in Turkestan, Shymkent, Kentau, and Almaty, the university provides access to education in the region and offers a wide range of admissions, access pathways, and financial packages to support those in difficult circumstances to overcome hardship and pursue higher education. 

The management of expanding access to quality education and student participation in the educational, scientific, and social activities of the University is the responsibility of the Department of Academic Policy, the Department of Science Commercialization, the Department of Spiritual Renewal and Education, the Student Services Center, and the Fair Access, Participation, and Student Success Commission. Together, these bodies provide centralized planning, fairness of approach, monitoring, evaluation and expansion of educational access, and increased participation of students, teachers, and staff in the life of the University.

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