Medical cluster structure

 Faculty of Medicine:

At the moment, the number of departments of the Faculty of Medicine is 9, which include 254 lecturers, including 18 doctors of science, 88 candidates of science, 11 Ph.D. doctors, 31 masters of science, and 72 lecturers.

Faculty of Dentistry:

includes 4 departments, which include 165 lecturers, including 10 doctors of science, 42 candidates of science, 14 – Ph.D. doctors, 24 masters of science, and 70 lecturers.

Faculty of postgraduate education:

there are 10 departments of education with 313 lecturers, including 15 doctors of sciences, 82 candidates of sciences, 5 Ph.D. doctors, 31 masters of sciences, and 180 lecturers.

Dental clinic:

The department of surgical and pediatric dentistry, therapeutic dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, diagnostic and dental departments are included. The clinic employs 12 dentists.

Clinical and diagnostic center:

  1. the center employs 465 employees, of which, professors - 2, associate professors - 10, Ph.D. doctors - 2, masters - 5, residents - 6, doctor - 85, of them with the highest category - 18, the first category - 10 people, nurses - 253, junior medical staff - 104. Hospital for 158 beds, the clinic includes departments of surgery, traumatology, therapy, resuscitation, ENT, Ophthalmology, hemodialysis, physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation.

    Polyclinic: The attached population is 24101 people, of which 780 are pregnant women, 7316 - children. As part of the polyclinic, there are departments of general practice, preventive and socio-psychological care, specialized care, emergency medical care, and a paid department.

Medical outpatient clinic “AI”:

provides round-the-clock medical and pre-medical assistance to students and lecturers. The outpatient clinic employs 3 doctors and 8 nurses.

Simulation center:

  1. In the simulation center, students improve their practical skills in various branches of medicine. The main goal of the Center is the effective use and development of information, methodical and material and technical base in order to master practical skills by future specialists. The simulation center employs one programmer, three specialists, and a manager.

Currently, the simulation center is equipped with dummies, mannequins, and high-tech robot simulators.

Association of Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine:

Over the 30 years of our university's history, more than 5 thousand graduates have graduated. These are highly qualified specialists working in various fields of health care, social and educational systems, making a worthy contribution to protecting the health of the population of our country and abroad.

In 2018, the “Association of Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine” was created. It is connected with the need for new positioning of our medical faculty, its students and graduates.

The main activities of the Association are: organizing and holding meetings of university graduates, consultations with specialists on employment issues; assistance to students and graduates in obtaining additional educational services; establishing contacts with similar republican and international organizations, exchange of delegations and working groups, work experience and information; providing material and other support to gifted students; Graduates are registered on the website ayu.edu.kz. There are currently 268 registered graduates. N.K. Tolezhanov, candidate of medical sciences, head of the Department of General Surgery, was elected Chairman of the Graduate Associations of the Faculty of Medicine.

Ethics Committee:

is a public expert and analytical organization designed to provide expert assessment of problems in the field of science and practice according to the criteria of biomedical ethics. At the university level, an Ethics Committee has been created that includes representatives of all areas of research, including the medical direction. The committee has 4 directions, the chairman of the Ethics Сommittee is the Vice-Rector for scientific work.

Student Scientific Societies:

  1. The medical cluster conducts a lot of relevant and promising research work among students. The presence of all the main therapeutic and surgical areas (cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, surgery, pediatrics) contributes to the diversified development of young scientists.

Currently, the following scientific circles are working: “Morphologist”, “Young obstetrician-gynecologist”, “Ambulance”, “Hipocrat”, “Veritas surgery”, “Young pediatrician”, “Young dentist”, “Young scientist” which are actively involved in the scientific activities of the faculties.

Clinical base of the medical cluster:

46th clinical base for “General Medicine”, “Internship”, “Residency”, and 12th clinical base for dentistry. University clinics: the medical and diagnostic center of A. Yassawi IKTU, a dental clinic.

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