Research work

The medical cluster has a high scientific human resources potential, modern material and technical base for conducting relevant and demanded scientific work. The general direction of the university's research work is based on scientific achievements and advanced technologies and their systems of analysis.

A significant and integral part of the activities of the medical cluster is research work, in which not only university lecturers are involved, but also students and masters.

At the moment, in accordance with the topic “FEATURES OF THE COURSE OF MAJOR DISEASES UNDER ADVERSE CONDITIONS: EPIDEMIOLOGY, PREVENTION, DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT”, (registration number: 0116RK00276 until 12.2021), the teaching staff conducts scientific work. The object of the research is the residents living in the zone of ecological disadvantage.

The purpose of the work is to study the prevalence of pathology among residents on the basis of a wide epidemiological, clinical, laboratory, and environmental study, to substantiate the features and timing of the formation of violations, as well as to develop prognostic, preventive, and rehabilitation measures for people living in an ecologically unfavorable region.

The involvement of scientific research in the educational process is a prerequisite for maintaining the necessary professional level of teachers, improving the qualifications of future specialists, and developing professional competencies.

As a rule, all full-time lecturers must participate in compulsory research work.

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