Social support for students

1. Students from low-income families; students who study at the university without the custody of one of their parents; students with disabilities receive two free meals a day, as well as a free place in the dormitory, are provided with benefits on tuition fees.

2. Students involved in community activities, athletes with national and international awards, and active participants in the university's cultural events receive various benefits, such as:

1) one and two meals a day free of charge with coupons;

2) tuition benefits in the amount of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%; Turkish quotas are also assigned; 

3) payment of scholarships once or twice a year;

4) the cost of a complex menu in the university's student canteen is 250 tg for students and 350 tg for graduate and doctoral students. This is the most affordable price for student meals nationwide.

The university has contributed significantly to the expansion of participation in higher and postgraduate education and social mobility in the Turkic-speaking world.

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