Vacancy exposition is organized with the aim of helping the graduates to get jobs. Vacancy exposition department helps the graduates to find jobs, to transfer from one job to another and to change your position.

Here are some free and accessible websites for graduates:

  1. http://sobes.shymkent.gov.kz/                                                  1. Екібастұз өңірі
  2. https://www.enbek.kz/                                                              2. Железин ауданы
  3. https://hh.kz/                                                                              3. Года молодежи-2017
  4. https://www.olx.kz/rabota/
  5. https://joblab.kz/
  6. https://qyzmet.kz/
  7. https://kz.jooble.org/
  8. kzwork.com/
  9. https://24rabota.kz/
  10. https://rabota.nur.kz/
  11. https://zarplata.kz/
  12. https://trudbox.kz/jobs
  13. https://market.kz/section/rabota/
  14. https://kz24.net/job/
  15. careerjet.kz
  16. jobsmarket.kz/
  17. neftegaz.kz/poisk-vakansij/
  18. https://vk.com/rabota_v_kazakhstane
  19. https://www.facebook.com/Zarplata.KZ/
  20. https://twitter.com/rabota_v_kz

This department annually organizes “Each graduate to own village” exposition and in 2016 the directors and representatives of 109 organizations and schools participated at the exposition.

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