In November 2018, in Kentau, together with the Kentau Transformer Plant, the foundation of a technopark was laid with the aim to contribute to the country's research and development work. The Technopark is a center of mutual cooperation, participating in all stages of the process of improving new ideas. Technopark specializes in such areas as software, information and communication technologies, telecommunications, electronics, medicine, machinery and equipment, chemistry and energy.

Mission: to create an ecosystem that promotes local and domestic brands.

The Technopark was created to strengthen the national research and innovation infrastructure, and now it aims to support the economy of a developing country through development based on R&D, technology and innovation. In this context, three elements are identified that support the mission of the technopark:

1) creating conditions and providing support to entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to produce innovative, high-tech products and services for R&D and software development;

2) ensuring the cooperation of existing small businesses with the state, university, investors and large enterprises to achieve success in the national and international markets;

3) ensuring the production of new commercial values ​​by stimulating the implementation of the results of university research.

Vision: to become a leader in research and innovation, as well as in the commercialization of scientific developments.

In order to become a resident of the Technopark, the following steps are required:

  1. preparation of the application;

  2. examination and evaluation of the project by the Expert Commission;

  3. submission of the project to the Expert Council for consideration;

  4. conclusion of an agreement.

To support the project, a consultant is assigned to each start-up individual, who accompanies the individual during all periods until the individual obtains the status of a RESIDENT of the technopark.

Also at the university, within the framework of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”, the concepts of “Smartcampus” and “Smart city” were developed for implementation in Turkestan.

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