Academic committee

Academic Committee (AC) is the university's organizational center for considering and making decisions regarding teaching, training, and methodological support of the educational process.

AC makes proposals to improve the quality and mechanisms of management of higher, postgraduate, and vocational education; to introduce new technologies, methods, tools, and forms of the educational process; and to enhance existing ones.

The main activities of the Academic Committee:

  • monitoring the quality of educational programs and updating them in accordance with modern requirements; 

  • introduction of textbooks, teaching, and training and methodological manuals, including materials on electronic media;

  • consideration of a set of issues to improve the quality of the education system.

Along with improving the quality of training of specialists, taking into account the competence approach and the requirements of employers, the AC prepares proposals for the enhancement of educational and methodical work, considers, if necessary, the issues of examination of educational and methodical documents, and makes decisions on them.

In addition, the Academic Committee provides methodological assistance in reviewing and analyzing the results of educational and methodical work; organizes seminars, training, round tables, etc. in the structural units of the university in order to translate the experience of advanced technologies into the educational process; contributes to the development of creative thinking, professional development, and professional skills of teaching staff, to the improvement of the scientific and methodical potential of the teaching staff; monitors the organization of training; controls the quality of the educational process; introduces modern teaching technologies. 

Academic committee

Comission on Methods of teaching academic courses

Fair Access and Benefits Commission

Expert Commission on Educational and Methodological Publications

Commission on Curriculum Quality and Monitoring

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