Committee on educational issues

The main goal of the committee is to shape the university's policy on educational issues, spiritual renewal, work with youth and student startups, and projects.


  • The Committee for Educational Issues consists of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary-General, and committee members. The Committee is chaired by the Vice-President for educational issues and social support of the university. 

  • The composition of the Committee is approved by order of the President of the university on the proposal of the Vice-President.

  • The Committee meets at least once every two months. Meetings of the Committee are held in the presence of half of the Committee members, the decision is made with the support of 2/3 of the members.

  • The agenda of the Committee meeting is approved by the Committee Chairman and brought to the attention of the Committee members 5 days before the Committee meeting.

  • The work of the Committee is carried out by the plan, which is established annually and approved for the academic year. The Committee's work plan is approved annually by the Chairman.

  • The decisions made on the results of the Committee meetings are drawn up in protocols. The protocol is signed by the Chairman and the Secretary-General and is sent in the form of an extract to the responsible departments on the relevant issues within 3 working days.

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