Academic committee

  • The scientific Committee of the Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University is the Supreme expert Council in the field of implementation and formation of scientific, technical and innovation policy of the university.
  • The Chairman of the Scientific Committee is Vice-President for research, Vice-Chairman is Vice-President from Turkey. Organizational work of the Scientific Committee is carried out by the Department of organization of scientific research.
  • The main purpose of the Scientific Committee is to coordinate the mechanisms for the implementation of the policy of scientific, technical and innovative research, that is, the relevance of areas and topics of research that meet modern requirements.
  • The main task of the Scientific Committee is to conduct scientific expert meetings, conferences, seminars, decision-making, proposals to provide innovative research at all levels of knowledge and services.

         The position of the Scientific Committee

         The composition of the Scientific Committee

         The work plan of the Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

Commission for the Sections of the Scientific-Theoretical Conference of Students

Commission on Ethics

Commission for Checking Written Works for Plagiarism

Expert Commission on Intellectual Property

Expert Commission on Publications in International Databases

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