Senate acts according to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “About Education” law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and educational enactments of the government of the Republic of Turkey that regulates the sphere of education, and other normative-juridical acts, the decisions made by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the University Charter.

Senate is the highest body of the university.

The President is the head of the Senate. The members of the Senate are: the President, the I-Vice-President, Vice-Presidents, deans of the faculties, the chief doctor of the clinics-diagnostic center, directors of Institutions and colleges, the head of the Labour Union, the head of the Youth Organization, a representative professor from each faculty.

The professor from faculty council may stay as a member of Senate for 3 years, and the others till end of their activity in their positions. Senate meeting is held at least 4 (four) times in a year.

Senate’s key functions and obligations:

-Discussing proposals about opening, uniting or closing academic structural departments, and sending them to the Board of Trustees;
– Making decisions on the bases of  educational, research and publishing activities of the university;
– Discusses proposals on making changes into educational programs and plans of special secondary education, bachelor, MA course, and PhD course;
– Discussing and approving university’s academic curriculum;
-Clarifying the bases of examination system;
– Discussing and making decisions on awarding educational titles;
– Clarifying the bases and regulations of internal  discipline;
– Discussing reports made by rectorate, strategic plan, and developing indicators;
-Approving the membership of the Senate;
– Listening to the annual report of the President of the university;
– Electing members of the Board of Governers of the university;
-Discussing and making decisions on educational issues of faculties, institutions, and colleges;
– Carrying out the other obligations and functions in the regulations.

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