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Health, equity and economics

Department of Science Commercialization September 3, 2019 №167 was established by the order "On changes in the structure of the University".

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Our research

Our researches

The department of organization of research work coordinates the research of other departments and provides them with information on the relevant fields of science...

Cooperation and innovation

SciVal is an online platform for monitoring and analyzing international scientific researches using visualization tools and modern metrics of citation, economic and social efficiency.

Research fellows

Science commercialization department,Commercialization office,Research work organization department,Office of scientific publications,Scientific institutes

Research Institutes

Research, Expert-Analytical and Methodological Center for Religious Studies named after Akhmet Yassawi

Antiplagiat software

In accordance with the “Code of Academic Integrity” of A. Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University, approved on December 28, 2018, all written research papers are checked ...

Scientifical periodical publications

Scientific journal “Bilig”
Scientifical journal “Khabarshy” ...

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University is the highest expert body in the field of implementation and formation of the scientific...

Dissertation Councils

In A. Yassawi IKTU there are dissertation councils in the following doctoral specialties...

Events and announcements for scientists

Announcements board

Research clusters

– Main priorities
– Main scientific directions...

Additional information

Funding of Ph.D. researches
Student programs...

Policy and procedures

- Regulation on monitoring the compliance with grants and reporting procedure
- Rules for grant funding of research projects

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