Social support

The university administration pays close attention to ensuring equal opportunities for students from all social categories.

The university systematically collects data on the number of students from large families, low-income families, orphans, and students with disabilities. The purpose of social support is to create conditions for the realization of the rights of students, based on helping them to overcome difficulties of a social nature.

Low-income students

Students from low-income families, students left without the care of one of their parents, and students with a degree of disability receive two free meals a day, as well as a free place in a hostel. Also, they are provided with benefits for tuition fees.

Athletes who have national and international awards

Athletes who have national and international awards, active participants in social and cultural events of the university receive various benefits, such as:

1) one or two free meals (according to coupons);

2) benefits for tuition fees in the amount of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, as well as quotas of the Republic of Turkey;

3) special scholarships paid once or twice a year;

In addition, benefit prices for meals are available for all students: a set lunch in the student canteen costs 250 tenge for undergraduates and 350 tenge for graduates and doctorate students. This is the most affordable price for student meals in Kazakhstan.

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