Student Council

The Student Council of A. Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University is a representative body of students, a body of student self-government, and represents the interests of students before the governing bodies of the university. The Student Council of A. Yassawi IKTU is a voluntary self-governing non-profit formation that unites student self-government bodies of the university and ensures the implementation of students' rights to participate in solving the most important issues of the university's activities, the development of its social activity, support and implementation of social initiatives.

Roles and responsibilities of the Student Council:

2.1 Officially represent students

2.2 Identify and solve all sorts of problems of students

2.3 Advise a student who has any negative assumptions regarding the university administration

2.4 To promote and encourage the involvement of students in the organization of various events.

2.5 Involving students in active work

2.6 Select students to be appointed as a student asset member

2.7 To base its activities on the principles of humanity, openness, respect;

The structure of the University Student Council.

  • Student President

    1. Chief Advisor
    2. Referent
    3. Advisor for Finance and Accounts
    4. Representation of culture and sports
    • Culture
    • Sport
    • Ruhani Zhangyru (Spiritual Revival)

    5.Representation of education and language leadership

    • Education
    • Languages


    • Press
    • Photographer
    • Videographer

    7.Representation of leadership relations and relationships

    • Clubs
    • Volunteer Center
    • Assembly of Nations
    • Travelers Association
    1. In the Republic
    2. Abroad

Структура студенческий совет МКТУ


The best students

      Saparkul Zhansaya, a student of the Faculty of Medicine, won the title of “Student of the Year-2018”.Took 3rd  place at the VI traditional TarSU CUP debate tournament “Orientation to the Future: Spiritual Revival”, organized by the Center for Freedom of Expression dedicated to the 60th  anniversary of Taraz State University named after Dulati.

She is the winner of many national and international Debate debate tournaments.



Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Social Development, with the support of students of the republican student movement “Student Alliance of Kazakhstan”

International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yassawi received the nomination “Best University – 2018”


The head of the regional headquarters “Student Alliance”, Kamshat Oner, also won in the nomination “Dynamics of the Year.”


The rector has congratulated the students, who have won various national and international contests this year. Student of the Faculty of Medicine Saparkul Zhansaya was also awarded the title “Student of the Year”.


Unbayeva Botagoz Nurlankyzy – “The best student of the university”

Zhamankulov Erbolsyn Serikuly – The best young specialist

Kanat Shamsuddin Kanatuly – The best young scientist

Baidaly Uldana Akaryskyzy– The best Young Entrepreneur

Kudaibergenova Rano Bakhadyrkyzy – the Best creative collective

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  1. Ruhaniyat club / Spirit club
  2. Temirkazyk club
  3. Sat Club
  4.  Adilet club
  5. Intellectual Games Club
  6. Sunkar military-sports club
  7. “Ayu debate” club
  8. Atura Club
  9. Yassy Sports Club
  10. Dental way club
  11. International Relations Club
  12. Green growth club
  13. Cinema Club
  14. Students of   Ahmet Yassawi Club
  15. Mastiff Club
  16. Medical Tokens Club
  17. Turkic Youth Club
  18. Orda club
  19. Artena club
  20. Tourism Club
  21. Imge Theater Club
  22. Club “Brain place”
  23. “English club”
  24. Head of State Partners Club / Presidential Satellites Club
  25. Sholpy girl club
  26. Yassawi Youth Club
  27. Sattar Erubaev club


  1. Humanitarian direction – 8
  2. Social orientation – 8
  3. Natural Science-2
  4. In the direction of medicine-2
  5. In the direction of art-3
  6. Military-sports oriented – 4.

The number of students in student clubs is 588

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